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We Believe…

The perfect meal is best shared with family and friends – lingering at the table, making room for one last bite.

There are no mistakes in the kitchen, just new recipes.

Inspiration can be found in a gastropub or a farmer’s market, in a Milanese trattoria or at the neighborhood chili cook off.

Our Goal

You, a happy chef, confidently cooking delicious meals sure to please a Saturday dinner party crowd, your craft brew and grilling crew, as well as hungry soccer players on a school night.

Our History

Our flagship product, the Elevated Cook Poultry Roaster, was the brainchild of Michelin-trained former White House cook, Franky O’Dea.

On a mission to find the very best way to roast a chicken, Franky utilized a method known as suspension cooking. He built the prototype in his garage!

While the original design was crude, it yielded incredible results – succulent meat and flavorful skin. Chicken perfected.

We continue to build upon the idea of finding the “best way” to cook. To us, best simply means that you’re having fun and eating good food.

Live well. Love food.