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July 10, 2018

Although there's nothing wrong with wanting to try a new spice every now and then, it's inevitable that the cabinet holding your spices can end up cluttered with new flavors you used once and forgot about. We recommend tossing out spices a year after they've been opened for peak freshness, and suggest writing the date you opened it on with permanent marker on the top. 

To keep that cabinet tidy, here's our list of essential spices that cover all of your bases in the kitchen!

The most versatile of spices, garlic is pretty much a staple for foods across cultures, and enriches the flavors of all sorts of meats and proteins. Perfect for vegetarians as well, and pretty much anything you can fry.

Smoked Paprika
The easiest way to throw in a hint of spice into your cooking, smoked paprika adds a layer of depth and smoky, rich complexity that regular paprika does not.Perfect for everything from deviled eggs, to fish and veggies.

Sea Salt and Ground Black Pepper
The cornerstone of adding flavor to any dish. No kitchen is complete without salt and pepper, but nothing beats grinding fresh salt and pepper in terms of adding the right amount of complexity. Basic? Maybe, but a perfect steak only needs the right amount of salt and pepper to taste complete. 

Widely used in Italian and Mexican cuisine, oregano excels at bring another layer of subtle taste and texture to your cooking. 

Cinnamon is a common addition on everything sweet, and when used wisely, can turn heads at dinner parties when infused with savory flavors. It's a staple of fall weather, hot cocoa, apple strudel, and of course cinnamon bread and rolls.