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August 27, 2018

The spiralizer is one of our favorite kitchen gadgets: it’s a fast, easy and fun way to incorporate different veggies into your diet. We recommend the official spiralizer, but there are other brands that do the job well. Here are our favorite veggies to spiral.


Perhaps the original spiralized vegetable, zucchini noodles (or 'zoodles') are a great subsitute for pasta when you want to cut back on carbs. It’s sofft, easy to spiralize, with a neutral flavor it can be tossed into a variety of dishes. 


You can cut beautiful ribbons of cucumber to elevate the appearance of a typical salad. The crunchy texture remains, and you can make the most boring looking garden salad look high quality.


Similar to cucumber, throwing some spiralized carrots on top of a salad adds a 'wow' factor of color and style to a boring green dish, with an extra layer of texture.



Spiralizing bell peppers are perfect for Mexican dishes, whether as toppings for tacos or mixed into enchiladas.  


You might mostly use your spiralizer on veggies, but it works great on fruits too. Use a wide blade to thinly slice apples into chips, or spiralize apples for extra sweetness in your dishes!